Man Trap

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Man TrapMan TrapMan TrapMan TrapMan TrapMan Trap Man TrapMan TrapMan TrapMan TrapMan TrapMan Trap
Studio: Cazzo
Produktionsjahr: 2011
Dauer: 87 min.
Regie: Jorg Andreas
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La première double pénétration de Léo Hélios

Enter the gay porn house where sweat and sperm flow freely! In a run-down mansion, Geoffrey lands in muscle hunk Harley’s trap. Geoffrey opens his well-trained mouth pussy to swallow all of Harley’s rod and rim his hole. Harley gives Geoffrey a good fucking until they shoot their loads. Harley and macho stud Sergi take their tattooed, shaved-headed little sex pig out of the dungeon. The sex-starved slave pounces on their two thick cocks. They plug both of their victim’s holes, pounding him deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Lucio and his buddy lure blond, unsuspecting Léo to their sex trap. After smoking a joint Léo does whatever they want. He sucks both cocks at the same time and lets them fuck his mouth and his ass. With two cocks drilling his tight ass, Leo really starts having fun.