Harley Everett

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Harley Everett is a perfect specimen of a man: striking features, sparkling blue eyes an impressive physique and large, vibrantly colored tattoos. The words "Fortaleza y Honor" (Strength and Honor) are written across his hairy chest. Harley lives his life according to this principle and on porn shoots he fucks his scene partners silly. Harley moved from Northeastern England to London in order to make something of himself. Since his body is the foundation on which he plans to build his future, he goes to the gym regularly. He works up a sweat five to six times a week, lifting weights to keep in shape. "Mens sana in corpore sano" was already a familiar notion to ancient Romans, and Harley not only has the body of a sex-gladiator, he also has real skills. That makes him a great asset on a porn set. They say that dumb fucks good, but experience shows that smart fucks better. You can see that in every scene we shot with Harley.

Harley Everett has already been busy plugging holes in HARD AT WORK. But this porn performer really shines in MAN TRAP. Harley is an energetic top, giving his all in two juicy scenes.