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Matt Brookes

Matt Brookes
Matt Brookes
Matt Brookes

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Small World Big Dicks #4Small World Big Dicks #4Small World Big Dicks #4


This sexy guy is originally from Manchester but he moved to London with his parents when he was just a youngster! He learnt the new accent so well that you would never know his true roots and now, at the age of 27, he drives big trucks around the M25 helping to keep it open! This fella is all man... through and through ;-) If you want to know just what he likes to get up to in his spare time then you’ll have to watch his solo film... but to give you a clue, he’s not shy about what happens in motorway lay-byes! So I guess it’s time to buy an old banger and drive around and around that motorway, eh and pray for lady luck (or misfortune) to shine your way!