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Mating Season

Studio: Blake Mason
Produktionsjahr: 2013
Dauer: 187 min.
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6 mecs bien montés baisent non-stop en camping

It's been a while since these guys have had a chance to catch up, but a weekend of camping is going to bring them a lot closer than ever before. Within minutes of setting up camp the guys are enjoying a beer, and a well-deserved wank too! All hard cocks are revealed in their shared jerk off, each watching his mates stroking, spewing their hot loads for all to enjoy. That's setting the pace for this hardcore holiday, but things get hotter when Matt and Bradley head out for a morning jog. Matt's heavy cock is needing some attention, but Bradley knows how to gag on a big dick and take a real hard fucking, making him shoot one of the biggest loads. Although they're enjoying their own action, they're missing out on the sucking back at the tent as Fraser, Kai, Josh and Riley come to an agreement. Riley and Fraser service their mates, and they do an amazing job of it too! But after watching Fraser sucking Kai, Josh wants that mouth and ass for his own big dick, and when he sees the hunk sneaking away into the woods to take a piss at their trip to the lake later he's eager to follow. Swallowing and fucking ensues, ending with Fraser getting a cum load fucked out of him. The following morning, with all that jizz already spent, Kai and Riley head out to find some nutrition. Never ones to miss and opportunity, Kai slides his cock into his friend and fucks him hard, giving him a tasty load in the face. Ever-horny Matt has his own big dick to deal with back at the tent, enjoying a morning wank when Luke Desmond and Brez Wild stumble across him and enjoy the show. He's happy for the company, and they're happy to enjoy his impressive uncut inches in a threeway that sees both getting fucked, with plenty of cum erupting over hung Luke. They're not the only ones to discover some unexpected cock on the moors though, and when Bradley goes looking for a phone signal he instead discovers another lone wanker enjoying his dick. Josh is welcoming of the company, inviting him to share some meat and ending up with the hunks shaft in his butt and a load slammed out of him, with another massive wad delivered by Bradley too. As their short break comes to an end, there's just time for a final get-together. All six guys have another load of semen to share before they finally part ways, and the final orgy definitely ends their trip on a high note. No doubt the boys will be planning another camping trip, this time not leaving it so long!