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Massage Gay #9Massage Gay #9Massage Gay #9


Lukas is a slow and deliberate talker. You can tell right away he takes his time. Strangers will often come up to him and ask him if he has any weed. Definitely has a stoner vibe about him, though I think that is just how he is.

Which is kind of at odds with his nervousness in this video. And the frantic pace that he jerks off. Its almost as if his cock is electrocuting him with pleasure every time he strokes his head!

He sure did get hard quick for the camera. Love it when that happens. Nervous, but not TOO nervous, and turned-on, eager to show-off!

Lukas also has an amazingly long cumshot. Not a lot of volume, though hard to tell with how much energy is going into it, but he just keeps squirting for a long period of time. I think he even says. "I'm still cumming!" as if to inform me to not shut off the cameras. As if!

He seemed to like the idea of the Edge chair, and it might be a good idea to tie him down after all the wriggling he does in this video.

And for fans of ass, you will definitely be stroking to this guy's hole!

Stay tuned! I love this guy's face, and though he barely grew back his pubes, there is just something sexy about him!

Massage Gay #9

Avec : Andrew Kitt, Nick Gill, Travis, Tomm, Lukas, Alan Benfelen, Ryan Torres, Alex Hell
Massage Gay #9