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Kennedy Carter

Kennedy Carter
Kennedy Carter
Kennedy Carter
Kennedy Carter
Kennedy Carter
Kennedy Carter

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Compil. Cockyboys #3Compil. Cockyboys #3Compil. Cockyboys #3


Kennedy Carter is the Cazzo newcomers of 2010. Kennedy at 24 years of age likes men who are older then he is - real muscle daddies who know exactly how to take a young tough like him to task. Kennedy studies language in London when he is not busy filming for Cazzo and giving his gorgeous arse up for all cummers, like in his porn début Model Check 2.

In Model Check 2 Kennedy Carter proves to be a gay porn natural and his cock is always hard! He gives great head, thoroughly enjoys getting rimmed by Kris Anderson, and goes wild when it’s time to fuck. And Kris is a total match for his scene partner. He knows how to use his impressive tool. These porn newcomer has it all what it takes to become a porn star.

In Kennedy's second Cazzo movie, Keller, muscle stud Felix Barca picks him up in the subway and takes him home, where they greedily go at it and plug each other‘s smooth holes. When Kennedy wakes up later, he finds himself naked in a cell. Vicious Felix turns him over to two men in suits who pound Kennedy's ass mercilessly.

Compil. Cockyboys #3 Compil. Cockyboys #3 Compil. Cockyboys #3
Compil. Cockyboys #3
Cockyboys Cockyboys Cockyboys
Keller Keller Keller
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