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Tim Kruger

Tim Kruger
Tim Kruger
Tim Kruger

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Tim Kruger is the German gay porn star. He combines boyish charm and manly looks: steel blue eyes, trendy facial hair, a hairy chest and a massive cock! This total top likes nailing strong guys. He has a lot of fun giving it to them as raunchy as they need it.

In his early youth Tim thought that his cock was too small. But at some point that misunderstanding must have gotten cleared up - at the very latest in 2007, after he applied for a “position” at several US gay porn studios and in no time at all was in front of the cameras in San Francisco. He had clearly made a big impression.

Tim grew up in North-Rhein Westphalia. After vocational training in business administration, he went to Berlin in 2002 and got a job in a porn store. Right away Tim felt at home in the capital. His tendency to be shy and retiring quickly turned into the opposite, at least as far as sex was concerned.

After launching his porn career in several US releases (Raging Stallion), he finally made his debut in a domestic production in 2006. However, his Cazzo debut was shot not in Berlin but in Barcelona in 2007. The title immediately reveals who the star is: TIM'S TOOL.

Tim goes for older masculine guys, but sometimes he can warm up to a young kid. Onscreen, Tim is a total top. In his leisure time, next to nightlife and travel, his top priority is spending a lot of time with friends.