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Kayden Gray

Kayden Gray Kayden Gray

His latest movie

Bangers & Ass


Kayden Gray made a big jump from his homeland of Poland by moving to England, and that boost of confidence must come from the massively thick piece of meat hanging between his legs! From Kayden’s own mouth -- “I work in porn and in sales” -- so he makes no secret of what his profession is. Kayden is gay, versatile, and loves blowjobs (both giving and receiving). He once had sex in the town center of London and he’d love to nail Kris Evans in the sack as his fantasy fuck!

Kayden Gray
Hooking Up
Hooking Up
With: Fernando Torres, Edji Da Silva, Mathew Mason, Justin Cruise, Hans Berlin, Donato Reyes, Tyson Tyler, Kayden Gray, Arpad Miklos
When the Lucas Men are “Hooking Up”, they always land the hottest guys found throughout the world!
Fuck Crazy
Fuck Crazy