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Production year: 2017
Duration 70 min.
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Dante (Fabien Fleury), expert in all kinds of degradation, returns from a hunt during which he kidnapped a young man (David Valentin) whom he will transform into a sex slave in the presence of another bastard (Greg Ken) tied up in a cage in his den. While Dante takes care of the bastard, Greg manages to escape. Furious Dante calls upon the Sandman (Doryann Marguet) that he launches in pursuit of Greg. While he finds refuge in a fitted out cellar, Greg is caught by the Sandman who makes him undergo an intense session of submission before informing Dante of his position. Dante sends one of his henchmen (Delta Kobra) to get Greg back. Back to Dante, Greg is subjected to a hard session of debasement and submission to punish him for his escape.