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Room Se[r]vices: While Oskar Ivan is sunbathing on the terrace of his hotel room, he is joined by Nicholas Bardem, in charge of room service. His goal: 100% customer satisfaction. So when Oskar asks him for his cock, he goes for it! Deep throat with sea view, ass-fucking on the room's immaculate sheets, unbridled fucking against the glass walls before a festival of ejacs. The butler is sure to get a big tip.

Roc Barcelona, antenna repairman, fucked in the juice by Hurricane Domi: Roc Barcelona has a lot going for him, but above all, he's the best antenna repairman in town. So when Hurricane Domi, a slightly heavy, crazy neighbor, comes to disturb him in his work, Roc knows what he has to do to fix the belligerent's big antenna. Good cock pumped deep in the throat under the Barcelona sun at the top of a terrace overlooking the city. Deep fucking of the repairman's holes and double ejaculations to water the terrace but above all Roc's face.

The Kinky Nurse: A home care nurse has decided to play doctor with a patient who has a high sexual fever. Simon Wild prefers pussy, but when a handsome half-breed like Junior Class presents him with his plump ass, Simon finds it hard to hide his desire to give him a big, juicy prick of pleasure. A home visit that makes you want to run a fever!