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Scott Leon doesn't always do the dishes without any pants on, but luckily for Jay Luna, this is a morning for coincidences. He catches his ass out and all wet, and he quickly pounces on the opportunity. With the object of his desires fasts at rest and waiting on his arrival, Dante Martin creeps into Princeton Price's place quietly, so as not to wake him just yet. Making his way into the bedroom, Dante strips out of his clothes and inches his way onto the bed. Carter Woods didn't come to this resort for a hookup, but when he finds a note stuck to his door, he figures he may as well live it up on this vacation. Anthony Moore's attempt pays off when he gets the call from Carter. When the buzzer sounds and the game is over, that's when the action starts, at least for athletic supporter Elye Black. He was impressed with Mark Long and Dacotah Red's prowess on the field, but they have intentions to score a little more now that it's just the three of them.