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The Cult

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The CultThe CultThe Cult The CultThe CultThe Cult
The CultThe CultThe Cult
The CultThe CultThe Cult
Studio: Men.com
Production year: 2015
Duration 61 min.
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Un gourou qui dirige ses jeunes disciples à la baguette

Will Braun is a troubled youth with no place to stay. Prophet Colby Keller offers to show him the way by inviting him to his sanctuary deep in the forest. Colby explains that to find the truth, young Will must first get naked and take his big cock deep in his sexy hole. Colby is the master and there is a rumor that Roman Todd is his favorite follower. When Roman's heart seems heavy to his master, Colby convinces his young follower to simply open up his heart and hole to him. Colby fucks Roman's tight ass, who loves nothing more than having his master’s big cock deep inside him.

Eventually Will feels at peace in his new remote home among like-minded, free spirited people. The Cult leader Colby summons his followers so that they affirm their bond to one another through passionate cock sucking and hard ass fucking. Brandon Moore, Addison Graham, Roman and Will demonstrate true loyalty to their leader and each other in this campground fuck fest that culminates in Will getting his face covered in reams of cum.

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