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The Book

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The BookThe BookThe Book
The BookThe BookThe Book
The BookThe BookThe Book
Studio: Men.com
Production year: 2017
Duration 85 min.
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Diego Sans isn't enthused with the hot new book taking pop culture by storm, but a voice in his head gets him to dive right in. In chapter one, Tayte Hanson takes Diego's handsome cock for a ride. The guys 69 on the couch, Diego fucking his rod down Tayte's throat. Diego loosens up that hole with tongue and hand, prepping it for a slamming. Tayte takes that cock like a pro, soaking up two loads from Mr. Sans. Diego can't get enough of "The Sands of Our Time" - the book that sucks you in... and then sucks you off. The age old question is asked in chapter two: Daddies or twinks? The correct answer: Both. Diego gets down with Dennis West and Will Braun, using his cock to massage deep inside them. After learning about himself in chapters one and two, Diego lures Jackson Grant to his taut and toned body by following the voice coming from chapter three of The Book.

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