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GaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkake GaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkake
Trailer GaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkakeGaykkake
Studio: Male Reality
Production year: 2013
Duration 90 min.
Directed by : KK
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receiving your friends' cum in the face is so good

Everyone is outside enjoying the hot weather and having a drink while “The Loner“stays inside sulking. The guys all come in and decide to give him some much needed affection. A group of friends get together to play a game of spin the bottle. The only catch is, if it lands on you than your taking load after load of hot cum. A group of guys are trying to decide who is going to be “The Bitch” out of all of them. So they have a race. The loser has to take it like “The bitch” that he is. After finding the mystical treasure the group of men have to stay hidden for awhile. But as a bonus they get to unwind on one lucky man.

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