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Gay Gapes #2

including 1 TV shows (total value €1.99)
Gay Gapes #2Gay Gapes #2Gay Gapes #2 Gay Gapes #2Gay Gapes #2Gay Gapes #2
Gay Gapes #2Gay Gapes #2Gay Gapes #2
Gay Gapes #2Gay Gapes #2Gay Gapes #2
Duration 101 min.
Studio: Male Reality
Production year: 2014
Directed by : KK

They have a natural gaping asshole!

Ben’s shoulders and neck are feeling sore, so he asks Ryu to give him a massage. Ryu’s hands feel so good that they eventually end up wandering all over Ben’s built body. Marty doesn’t understand his homework and is having a hard time. Chriss knows how to handle hard situations and offers to lend him a helping hand, an offer that Marty can’t refuse. Dick asks Paul if he wants to try anal sex for the first time. Paul is scared and hesitant at first, but soon finds out that he has a natural gaping asshole! Luke wants Georgio to bulk up and build some muscle. When Georgio takes off his pants, Luke is quick to learn just exactly how big and bulky Georgio’s muscles really is.

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