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Stages of Sex

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Stages of SexStages of SexStages of Sex
Trailer Stages of SexStages of SexStages of Sex
Stages of SexStages of SexStages of Sex
Production year: 2012
Duration 149 min.
Directed by : Michael Lucas
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C'est bon d'apprendre à baiser comme un dieu...

There comes a point in every gay man’s life when he fucks for the first time, and from that point on he’s entered the “Stages of Sex.” It starts with not getting caught, as JP Dubois and Sam Barclay learn after they sneak away from home and fuck in the woods. Horny college student Seth Roberts explores his sexuality with roommate Sean Xavier’s dick deep in his ass. Sexy party boy Jimmy Durano’s thick uncut cock is milked for cum out in public by blond skater Alex Andrews. Muscular hunks Adriano Carrasco and Jay Roberts fulfill their greatest sexual fantasies together. And romantic lovers Rafael Carreras and Dominic Pacifico have hard and passionate sex with each other. All of the “Stages of Sex” are explosive milestones in a gay man’s life!

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