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Raw Roughnecks

Production year: 2017
Duration 120 min.
Directed by : Michael Lucas
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By day, these rugged farmhands get thier hands dirty working the fields. But when no one is around they quickly turn into RAW ROUGHNECKS with zero inhibitions! After a day of loading hay onto the tractor, Bulrog takes Stas Landon behind the bay bales to fuck his ass bareback. Jacen Zhu brings laborers Vikto Rom, Alejandro Castillo, Alex Kof, and Mario Domenech something to drink, but winds up servicing everyone. As the workday ends, Tyler Berg makes his move and seduces Marq Daniels into breeding his ass. And Viktor Rom, Bulrog, and Alex Kof break in the new worker Ken Summers the way true Raw Roughnecks would!