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Passion (Lucas)

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Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas) Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)
Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)
Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)Passion (Lucas)
Production year: 2010
Duration 149 min.
Directed by : Michael Lucas
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Passion features 14 international sex gods fucking with the intensity that only an all-star cast can deliver! The film, shot in London and New York, features TWO throbbing hot 3ways! Watch Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi, alongside Junior Stellano, Rafael Alencar, Harry Louis, Rafael Carreras, Rio Silver, Dean Monroe, Joseph Mercier and Michael Lucas as they explore passionate play with armpits, foot licking, train fucking, deep-throating, cum eating, flipping, and double-penetration! With a bonus 4way fuck-fest from Fire Island Cruising 3 with Chas Omar, Diego Alvarez, Marco Rochelle, and Rick Gonzales!

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