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BackdoorBackdoorBackdoor BackdoorBackdoorBackdoor
Production year: 2011
Duration 161 min.
Directed by : Michael Lucas
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Les fantasmes de Jonathan Agassi deviennent réalité dans un sex-club

Jonathan Agassi sneaks into a porn shop late at night, wandering the pornographic maze of private jerk-off booths. Each video becomes his personal fantasy as we watch sweaty and aggressive studs Adam Killian and Scott Carter fuck hard. Adrian Long pounds real-life boyfriend Brandon Jones. Alexy Tyler fucks tattooed muscle-man Junior Stellano. Rafael Carreras dominates Ryan Russell with his massive dick and dildo double-penetration. Power-performer Jonathan Agassi himself passionately flip-fucks the gorgeous Gabriel Lenfant. Make your fantasies come true as you slip into the "BACKDOOR."

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