My hot teacherMy hot teacherMy hot teacherMy hot teacherMy hot teacherMy hot teacher

My hot teacher

Studio: Icon male
Production year: 2020
Duration 107 min.
Directed by : Ricky Greenwood
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“Bonjour, ca va?”. That’s what Andy Taylor and his mom McKenzie Lee thought he was learning...instead Andy was studying his teacher, Chris Damned’s sexy accent along with his big uncut cock. Jack Hunter, Andy’s boyfriend quickly joins in when he finds out how fun “learning” can be... McKenzie was all too, how do you say “surprised” to find out what these lessons were all about! Icon Male brings you private lessons and a hot 3-way with a taboo twist. Watch how this French lesson quickly becomes a menage-a-trois! In this new series, director Ricky Greenwood brings a few of the twisted teacher stories that contract star Nick Fitt has created for his fans. This movie also includes Aspen, Devin Trez, Nick Fitt and Clark Davis.