Active DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive Duty
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After a losing game, Coach goes to the locker room to gather his thoughts. In there, he witnesses an affair between his team captain and one of the male cheerleaders of the team. Peter watches his stepfather, Chris, do yard work. Embarrassed by his own physique, Peter retreats to his room, followed shortly by Chris. Peter confesses that he worries he’s not fit enough, Chris flatters his ego and reveals his crush on his stepson. Kurt’s mom is away for the day, and he sees it as an opportunity to get to know Bob, his new stepdad. Both men are sexually frustrated and decide to let off some steam with each other. Ed is training his glutes and his stepfather, a former college soccer star, helps improve his technique. Both men get talking and Jules reveals that he loves men with strong asses, which leads to lustful confessions.