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Sex Tourists

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Sex TouristsSex TouristsSex Tourists
Trailer Sex TouristsSex TouristsSex Tourists
Sex TouristsSex TouristsSex Tourists
Duration 83 min.
Studio: Cazzo
Production year: 2013
Directed by : Jorg Andreas

Des touristes viennent se faire baiser à Berlin

Be a pig! Be a slut! Be Berlin! Horny studs don’t only come to Berlin for the sightseeing! They want sex! There are so many men in the city, and they get right down to action.

Tim gets himself fucked by a muscular bartender. Lucio’s host goes wild for his huge dick. Marco sucks off a blonde German on the train. Damian picks up a stoned tourist at the club and mercilessly fucks him into the sofa cushions at home. Ivan rides on Yan’s rock-hard dick until his hole glows and the cum flies. Be a pig! Be a slut! Be Berlin!

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