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Lube Job

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Lube JobLube JobLube Job
Trailer Lube JobLube JobLube Job
Lube JobLube JobLube Job
Duration 92 min.
Studio: Cazzo
Production year: 2012
Directed by : Jorg Andreas

Hard-working guys need to let off steam

The boss of the motorcycle repair shop likes mean machines. When a cute biker can’t pay, he has to put his mouth and his ass on the line. Spencer takes some motor oil and shoves his thick rod into his hole and fucks him until that butt is steaming. Apprentice Diesel does everything wrong, but he has an incredible ass. Jessy props the fucker up and makes him ride his rock-hard billy club. Troy gets worked over on the car lift by his tattooed coworker. Handsome Stany pops a boner when the boss watches him take a shower. No sooner does Ivan think he’s alone in the shop than he whips out his cock. Hard-working guys need to let off steam.

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