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Fuck Attack

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Fuck AttackFuck AttackFuck Attack
Trailer Fuck AttackFuck AttackFuck Attack
Fuck AttackFuck AttackFuck Attack
Studio: Cazzo
Production year: 2012
Duration 95 min.
Directed by : Jorg Andreas
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Des mâles qui suintent le jus

Summer in the city means raging hormones. All over town half-naked guys are on the prowl, oozing cum from their pores. In an old factory, Ivan gets caught watching a handsome Latino play with his huge dick. Otelo nails Ivan with his cock from above and below. Tony picks up a super-hot biker on the street. Bruno fucks Tony’s horned up fuckhole six ways from Sunday. Victor watches two guys blowing each other. The three of them end up fucking each other.
There’s no stopping Mark when Josh whips out his long dong. The tattooed skinhead needs his hole filled and he needs it bad. He rides that monster cock until they shoot their loads.

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