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Sans Limite (cadinot)

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Sans Limite (cadinot)Sans Limite (cadinot)Sans Limite (cadinot)
Sans Limite (cadinot)Sans Limite (cadinot)Sans Limite (cadinot)
Sans Limite (cadinot)Sans Limite (cadinot)Sans Limite (cadinot)
Studio: Cadinot
Production year: 2000
Duration 100 min.
Directed by : Jean Daniel Cadinot
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Life as a couple... loving each other; but what about fidelity? It's put to the test by the huge-dicked estate agent, a wild psychiatrist, an ardent motorcyclist and a group of foreign students overseas to study tongues.
How can you resist 14 young Europeans - Czech, German, Swiss, Italian, French? Enthusiasts both of strength and of tenderness - romantics and muscular hard men. They follow their destinies, take each other, give each other, swap their sensual bodies with vigour, passion and - above all - sans limite.

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