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Le Coursier

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Le CoursierLe CoursierLe Coursier
Le CoursierLe CoursierLe Coursier
Le CoursierLe CoursierLe Coursier
Studio: Cadinot
Production year: 1990
Duration 110 min.
Directed by : Jean Daniel Cadinot
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A masseur specialising in young, fresh clients calls a sex shop for a delivery of toys when his customers get increasingly demanding. Not sure which to choose, the courier tests them all - from the smallest to the biggest - to be able to deliver a hand-picked assortment.
But Paris streets are dangerous and one jumped red light leads to an accident; the courier, his moped, and the assorted goodies in his panier get thrown everywhere. Some intensive care from the ambulance drivers ensures he's on the mend, but the moped is not so lucky. Off to the garage where the two mechanics get to work on a re-bore. Dirtied by exhaust fumes, the courier stops off at a laundrette where the customers are very friendly. Finally, the exhausted masseur gets his toys which are very welcome indeed.

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