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The Boss

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The BossThe BossThe Boss
Trailer The BossThe BossThe Boss
The BossThe BossThe Boss
Duration 120 min.
Studio: Body Prod
Directed by : Hervé Bodilis (gay)

Between little cheats, pack of cards and prostitutions, Julian, a handsome stallion and famous gangster also known in the underworld as THE BOSS, takes advantage of all the opportunities to exert his perversions on beautiful young hunks that are looking for sex, love and cash.
Everybody knows that it is too dangerous to face THE BOSS... Indeed, one has tried to swindle him; the issue? He has been driven in a scary parking by hired men, specialists in arse analyse...
In this background, the first Golden rule is: «THE BOSS has to be paid by cash or in kind», the second Golden rule is: «THE BOSS prefers payment in kind...»
Two young men will learn the lesson faster than they would have ever expected...
THE BOSS has planned a very simple game: you loose money... he organises a very special treatment: orgies, deep fucking and threesome until extreme pleasures!!!!

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