Open bar

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Open barOpen barOpen barOpen barOpen barOpen bar Open barOpen barOpen barOpen barOpen barOpen bar
Produktionsjahr: 2012
Dauer: 157 min.
Regie: Michael Lucas
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Avec Will Helm, Edji Da Silva et Issac Jones

Montreal’s gay nightlife comes alive every evening when the sun sets and there’s an 'Open Bar' to be found: the city’s multi-level clubs are packed full of hot guys ready to drink, dance, and fuck! Stagehand Edji Da Silva sneaks off with club DJ Brandon Jones to give his tight ass a deep pounding. Pole dancers Adrian Long and Tate Ryder suck cock and flip-fuck on stage. Hunky bartender Will Helm and busboy Felix Barca have hardcore sex in an empty club after hours. Issac Jones serves Kyle King more than a drink when he shoots his hot cum down his throat. And party boys Vito Gallo and Adam Killian ride each other’s massive cocks before shooting their loads. The 'Open Bar' really heats up after closing time!