Wild Attraction #2

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Wild Attraction #2Wild Attraction #2Wild Attraction #2Wild Attraction #2Wild Attraction #2Wild Attraction #2
Produktionsjahr: 2011
Dauer: 130 min.
Regie: Kristen Bjorn
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Two extremes meet, and when that occurs, anything can happen. Lucio, alias ¨The Fucker¨ is an anti-system graffiti artist who leaves his mark on works of art in museums all over Europe. Jalil was once a mercenary soldier, but he is now does art restoration. Art is the one thing that can calm his violent nature. For two years he has been on Lucio's trail, and the day he finds him, his revenge will have no limits, until finally... ¨The Fucker¨ will be fucked!
Adrián is happy sharing his bed with strangers. However, he has one strict rule; to never fall in love. All that changes when when two lovers enter his life. David and Adai are completely different from each other, but each one drives him wild in his own way. He knows that sooner or later he will have to make a decision, and choose just one, but... Which one will he pick? Adrian knows how to share his bed, he has done it many times, but... what about his heart?