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Guys Go Crazy 45

83 min.
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Men in jeans, you just gotta love 'em...and these gay party boys really know how to work that denim, showing off their sexy asses wrapped up in their pants and getting the mood just right for a jeans-themed orgy party that'll go down in the history books! At GGC the scene is always wicked sexy, and it only explodes in this party once the jeans come off and these guys really get down to it, but not to worry for you jean fetishists out there, there's still some denim jacket action and jeans strung out all over the club for you to satisfy yourself with. And, as is always the case at GGC, there's just way too much ass packin' and dick suckin' for one club in the normal world, but this is the insane world of Guys Go Crazy, where anything and everything can and does happen in extreme form!


Studio: Guys Go Crazy
Dauer: 83 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2011


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