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Secrets of a Wrestler #1

110 min.
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Csaba Borbely shoots a one-of-a-kind match. One-of-a-kind grope you won't ever want to forget! There's nothing like reaching between your opponents' legs, accidentally brushing up against his man flesh squeezed into his worn and torn jock strap. The stench smell of his crotch and arm pit shoved up against your face feeds more passion of desire when getting pinned against the sweaty floor mat. Several times during practice every day our bodies and muscles rub up against each others and then there is always a moment when your opponents' shorts get snagged upward enough revealing his large hairy ball sack underneath his shorts.Just aching to get grabbed. Try being in a circle of thirteen hotter then hell sweaty, muscular toned team members who are energized for just about anything and see how long you can hold out.
These wrestler's have sex for muscle conditioning. Then there's an all male foursome during a clinic check-up. Next, after wrestling three men go into the kitchen for refreshments and they end up having sex in the kitchen. Then a fabulous all male foursome in the locker room. These hunks look so hot in the spandex and sneakers!


Studio: Diamond Pictures
Dauer: 110 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2002


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