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Behind the Bars 1 : Innocent

Produktionsjahr: 2004
Dauer: 107 min.
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Les gardiens de prison partouzent les prisonniers

Producer/director Csaba Borbély, who has explored male sexuality in a wide variety of places, turns his attention to prisons in Behind the Bar 1 : Innocent, a hot release from Diamond Pictures featuring some of his steamiest sex ever. With male sexual urges seething and the extremes of power, both sexual and physical, ever in the forefront, prison is a natural for gay adult films.
The story takes a backseat to the steamy action. After a sequence in which new naked prisoners are inspected, the director gets right into the action. Warden Julian Vincenzo interrogates prisoner Renato Bellagio in his cell, and when he doesn't get the answer he wants, he barks out his orders. Julian strips; Renato obediently goes down.
Back at the prisoner check-in, the guards are examining new prisoners and handing out clothes. Three of them are sent off to their cells, but Fred Goldsmith is kept behind. Joshua Rodgers leads the the team of guards Kevin Cage and Sylvio Pantera in sex with this new prisoner. Their clothes come off and the orgy starts.
The third scene is another incredibly sizzling sex orgy. New arrivals Lucio Maverick, Adriano Lazzari and Carlos Baxter join fellow inmate Rick Perry in a "sextet" with guards Jerry O'Connor and heavy hung Ted Colunga. Soon a free-for-all engulfs them, and it's a challenge to see just who's doing what and to whom.
The last scene features three guards in their changing room. Ray Phillips and Ted Colunga, fresh from the last orgy, start with each other. When they're joined by hottie Shane Rage, the party is really on. By the end of this story, you know there's a secret somewhere. The Warden, it seems, has chosen a new second in command.