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Adams was active in the pornographic film industry for sixteen years, from 1983 until 1999. She performed in over 200 films, with many of the most famous pornographic performers of the time.

Porn director John Stagliano (a.k.a Buttman) has stated that a scene showing Adams' buttocks inspired him to make the Buttman series of films. The clip shows Adams on her hands and knees with her butt stuck high in the air. "The shot only lasted a couple of seconds," says Stagliano, "but I knew then what I wanted to do." Adams won an AVN Award in 1990 in Stagliano's Adventures Of Buttman for "Best Tease Performance." Other prominent adult film stars, such as Tori Welles and Porsche Lynn, had their first taste of lesbian sex on camera with Adams as their lover.

Adams was known for her acting ability and intelligence as well as for her voluptuous, carnal charms. As Adam Film World wrote about her in 1987, Adams can "handle characters that few porn actresses dare attempt: she is convincing as a woman of education, culture, breeding; she can play a successful author (Lust on the Orient Express); a rich socialite (Sins of the Wealthy 2); an Indian princess (Soft, Warm Rain); mother to a college-age lad (2002: A Sex Odyssey); a slick hooker (Jacqueline)."

Adams left the pornography business in the late 1980s to try to break into the world of mainstream R-rated B-movies, but her attempted leap into a 'straight' career didn't pan out. Adams soon returned to the hard core arena where she was a star.

In 1991, Adams was written about in an article in the Los Angeles Times. "Although she is free-thinking, Adams is anything but the free-spirited sexual athlete her fans like to imagine. She worries about crime and overpopulation and drinks two vodkas medicinally each night to help her sleep. She sponsors two poverty-stricken children in foreign countries. Her rented bungalow in West Los Angeles might be the home of any anxious, PBS-watching, middle-level executive except for the catalog of her sex tapes hidden behind a wood plank on an upper shelf in a back room."

Adams is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.

Fuck N Cuck

Mit: Tracey Adams, Rico Marlon, Ralph Novak, Dani Robles, Andy Star, Ace Era , Andrey Vic, Bogdan Gromov, Lucas Fox
Fuck N Cuck