David Castan

Sein neuester Film

Nasty NightmaresNasty NightmaresNasty NightmaresNasty NightmaresNasty NightmaresNasty Nightmares


David grew up on a ski resort in the Alps, although he himself was never into skiing. In 2004 love brought him to Paris, where he lives with his boyfriend Nicolas Torri. David is the manager of a company that runs restaurants and bars in the Marais district of Paris.

In his free time David likes to design websites and can spend hours with The Simpsons. He enjoys clubbing, especially when the night ends with a wild sex orgy. He also likes traveling to European capitals like Berlin (Easter) or Madrid (Gay Pride) or spending days in a cabin in the mountains cuddling with Nicolas, who by now has even managed to get David excited about skiing.

David is turned on by many types: tall, small; hirsute, hairless; bears, skinheads--as long as they look masculine and know how to take it, because David is a total top who likes to dish it out long and hard. It’s hard for anyone to resist his natural dominance. Once those eyes have twinkled at you, only one thing is possible: unconditional surrender. If you’re ready to give it your all, he’s the right man for you.