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Ben Statham

Ben Statham
Ben Statham
Ben Statham

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Big BusinessBig BusinessBig Business


Ben doesn't only look manly, he also likes more rugged sex. he 32-year old lives in Birmingham and fancies real men who can be a bit older then he is. In Sommerloch Cutie Ben Statham is hitchhiking. Businessman David Castan stops his car and Ben happily jumps in. But mean David is driving directly to a garage hall where he’s having a hard and nasty fuck with helpless Ben. In Big Business Ben gets caught by his boss while wasting his time with surfing porn sites on the internet. As a punishment he has to offer his body to the security man, who’s yawing for an ass to fuck. Of course the boss joins him in teaching the boy a lesson! Ben is flexible, enjoys being on the bottom during sex and does a masterful job of putting his 18 centimetres in good use.