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Turner (chaos)

Turner (chaos)

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Serviced #6


I had Turner come in and do a solo and a Serviced video. He was pretty nervous for the solo, but he did better getting head. So I have kind of shelved the solo, but wanted to air this Serviced video during the Holiday Blowout.

He still seems uptight at the beginning of this oral video. Which I think makes these videos even hotter!

The best part of this video is his amazing ass. He really like having it played with and it made his cock super hard. I am clearly enjoying it too. He smelled and tasted amazing. I seriously couldn't get enough.

So it was so easy to make him cum...flipped him on over and ramped up the speed and pressure.

I try to balance these cum shots. Some of you want to see it shooting out with my mouth out of the way, while others are disappointed I am not eating it.

This time we get a bit of both. He came a lot and when I edited the video I realized I gulped down a bunch, but there was plenty of it spilling out onto his cock.

He was a little stealthy when he came, but I think it is safe to say he enjoyed the experience!

Turner (chaos)