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Sidney (chaos)

Sidney (chaos) Sidney (chaos) Sidney (chaos) Sidney (chaos)

Son dernier film

Serviced #6


Sidney is jusuuust 18, and if you like 'em young looking, he will be right up your alley..or his alley if he lets us!

He is straight, has giant saucer-sized blue eyes, and likes big tits. He is friends with a couple of the other models and when he turned 18 he was ready to get started along with his buds.

He is a quiet guy, but very sexual. A nice deep voice too. He seems to do fine with the ladies. Confident but not over-confident.

Pretty sure he is up for an oral, but didn't do it while he was here to do his solo (for those of you paying attention to production dates).

So it may take a while before we see him again, but my guess he is on for doing even more than that. He just wants to take baby steps like his friends.