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Mason (chaos)

Mason (chaos) Mason (chaos)

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Serviced #6


Mason was driving across the country to visit his girlfriend (who also does adult work) when I was told he could swing by easily, I said, "Sure!" Happy to not pay for airfare near the holidays.

I was told he had all his pubes, and I suppose for straight porn it kind of counts, but it's really the only thing 'off' about this beefy ex-football jock. He drove a 1000 miles with his gf (who got the flu) so I wasn't about to turn them away.

If fact they stayed about 4 days. She recovered and they had wheels so they would go out and eat and explore Austin.

In interim, I put Mason to work doing a solo, and of course, while here, an oral video. I picked one of my models I hadn't heard from in years to do it, and next week you will be asking, "Who is Servicing Who?"

I love this guy. Very polite and his girlfriend super friendly.

I think Mason is down with the whole idea of doing full on work, so even though I haven't shot anything with him yet, he says he is ready to go.

Now the only question I have to ask myself after editing this solo, will this boy who clearly likes to play with his ass, bottom right out of the gate?

Mason (chaos)