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Lloyd (chaos)

Lloyd (chaos)


Lloyd is Puerto Rican and his family seems to travel back and forth between there and Jersey. There is just hiding hiding his Jersey accent! He loves having a huge family and has tons of cousins, nieces and nephews. When they all get together, it is like 60 people strong. Family is very important to him.

While in Puerto Rico, he has even more family and they spend a lot of their time riding quads and getting into trouble.

Lloyd has the stereotypical ginormous Puerto Rican cock, though his older brother is the one who kept his foreskin. The pictures he sent me in order to perform, had him holding a beer bottle to the side of his cock. The bottle looked like a mini-bar bottle or photoshop'd into the image, it was so tiny in comparison. Well, it was a full-size bottle and his cock is likely one of the thickest I have had on the site.

His cock is a bit of a problem for the ladies to take, and I did notice that like most super hung guys, it takes very little motion to make themselves cum. I think mostly because they get used to not being able to fuck like a jack hammer or risk hurting their lady.

His interview is charming as he demonstrates a favorite sexual position. Lloyd is very relaxed in front of the camera, and I am certain I can get him back to receive head. It be hot to see him and that giant cock tied up in the Edge chair!