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Sawyer (chaos)

Sawyer (chaos)


Sawyer has done a solo before, and was eager to do something more interactive. I of course wanted to give him a little training with multi-cam shooting, plus figure out his strengths and stumbles.

Boy! Does Sawyer have a hairy ass! It ranks up there with Maximilian and even Glenn. Glenn's wasn't always that way, but he started when he had just turned 18. Now he is nearly 20 and turning from twink to dude. He is looking a bit like a satyr!

Same with Sawyer's ass. I am a fan of natural body hair, but after doing his photos, we both agreed that a little trim was in order. There was just no way to really see his bootie hole. If you are a fan of furry asses, don't worry, I didn't take much off!

Sawyer was a natural in front of the camera as I took him through his paces. He looks relaxed and turned on at the same time.

Pretty nifty POV cum shot on him. Gonna have to try these angles more often. It definitely gives you a feeling of "being there"

Stay-tuned in a couple weeks for when I put him to work on Bay in the Edge chair!