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Jonas (Chaos)

Jonas (Chaos) Jonas (Chaos) Jonas (Chaos)

His latest movie

Pure #2


Jonas missed his outgoing flight, and instead of a nice 3 hour non-stop he ended up bouncing all over the country. Landing at about 10:30pm. I was not too eager to go pick him up, cram his solo in, then get up again the next day to film a Serviced video. But once he landed, I was blown away by how hot he was.

We both were a little tired, but once the cameras were on him, BAM, he turns it on, and he totally brought his A game. Jonas is sexy, adorable, hung with a left hook, and those blonde pubes are hot! They exactly match his spiky blonde hair on his head. And the blue eyes, can't forget those! Amazing!

His attitude seems to be that he is tired of doing manual labor jobs and wants to do porn as often as he can. So though he isn't experienced with guys, he is willing to try receiving and getting oral from the get go and even beyond.

He of course only wants to top, but after he showcased his ass, I told him to be prepared for a lot of requests to see him bottom. He totally works it for us, like a hungry eager bottom boy would!

Stay-tuned for next week, when he and Glenn get into it. After a little bit of sleep, he ramps his energy even more!

As long as he can not miss his flights, this hot new dude is part of Team Chaos!

Jonas (Chaos)
Jonas (Chaos)