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Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia


After seeing Carlos's peep video, I really wanted to get him in for a solo, and possibly and Serviced video.

He was was just so dang sexy playing to the cameras, humping the couch, and looking into the camera as if he wanted to fuck someone's brains out.

Turns out he is a quiet guy, former military, and obviously, a very sexual dude.

He picked his own stage name, and ironically, I swear he looks just like the Carlos doll that was the gay Billy doll's boyfriend. Except this one is definitely playing for team Hetero. From his skin complexion, scruffy beard, and even the fat uncut Puerto Rican cock, I think the makers of the doll need to hire him for a Carlos live-action feature! (Not sure they make them anymore, only could find eBay sample pics)

He seems to be down for an Edge video, but not sure about doing the "Extra" stuff involved, so stay-tuned next week to see him in the Edge chair!