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Braxton (chaos)

Braxton (chaos)

His latest movie

Edge 7


For a while there, I thought Braxton was Teo's long-lost brother. We already had Teo's bro (Drale) in for a solo/servicing. In some photos they look more alike then Teo does to Drale, though Teo and Drale's cocks are clones of each other. But there is just something about the hair and face that makes think they are long-lost siblings.

Braxton is an easy going guy. Isn't interested in a steady girlfriend and likes playing the field. He was eager to do some adult work, though like most, was hoping to do straight work.

He has done fashion and runway modeling, so he was a ton of fun to shoot photos with, and even the solo he plays to the cameras nicely. The dude has great energy and awesome amiable personality.

Braxton has a nice thick cock on him, and geez, does he a nice ass too!

As I said, he seems to be OK, with at least getting head, but by the end of the solo, he was already beginning to worry how he would do when faced with a dude sucking on his cock.

Stay tuned!

Braxton (chaos)