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Austin (chaos)

Austin (chaos) Austin (chaos)

His latest movie

Serviced #6


Another hairy guy for your viewing pleasure!

Austin pretty much gave up on trying to keep his body hair at bay, and frankly it looks awesome on him.

He is a natural in front of the camera and loves to show off. He has an amazing dick, pierced for some of the photos for fans, but removed during the solo. He likes to have it tugged on so maybe a little play with it during a future video will be possible.

He is very gay-friendly and I think has a ton of gay friends and associates, so it was only natural for them to encourage this natural born exhibitionist to come do gay adult work.

He has had some very light "run ins" with guys, but prefers women, in fact the more females and males the merrier. I think he is fond of the craziness of an orgy.

So he doesn't seem too afraid to get his dick sucked, but not quite ready to return the favor. Though he also seems ready to take on full-on work in the future.

As for his solo, he we get to watch him get hard "real time" and his nut shot is explosive. He shots himself right in the neck and ear!

I am pretty pleased to have this guy working for Team Chaos, and I hope you enjoy his intro solo!

Austin (chaos)