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Aries (chaos)

Aries (chaos)


Wow! Aries is the perfect guy to start the New Year with!

He is 23, former military, and likes both boys and girls. Aries seems to be more interested in girls right now. I of course want to see if we can change that!

Aries clearly likes to smile, loves to laugh, and just has some amazing energy. That energy is also sexual. He likes to show-off and be appreciated, and seems eager to get it on with a guy on film.

When messing around with dudes, he has tried bottoming, but has found it a bit painful. He admits that the guy that he tried it with was even more endowed than him. With his amazing cock, I don't think I will push him to get his ass up in the air anytime soon. I have plenty of bottoms he can play with!

Today however he gives us an amazing solo, and next week you get to see him sitting in the Edge chair with Gavin Sevin working him over!