Active DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive Duty


Production year: 2016
Duration 65 min.
Directed by : RIDLEY DOVAREZ
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"SHUUUTTT! Listen up! It's a magical Christmas night! Can't you hear anything? But you can feel the excitement in the big city in the land of the big boys. In this new film, the elf Smegolin (Leo Rustine) tells you three lewd and perverse Christmas stories at the foot of the tree and in front of a roaring fire. The one about the Christmas turkey that didn't want to end up golden or the tribulations of little Guillermo Cruz who urgently calls on the services of a butler at home (Thiago Monte) who is going to stuff all the holes of Guillermo before skewering him like a turkey. Discover also how the bubbly Leo Rustine is transformed into an elf on Christmas Eve by passing into the hands of a Santa Claus agent (Guillaume Wayne) more perverse and bestial than ever. Between his hands and his thighs it is already the party. This last one is going to dismount Leo with his big thick and juicy cock to which are hung his big Christmas balls. To finish all the magic of Christmas awaits you in this 3rd part where the small Matthieu (Matthieu Ferhati) will discover at the foot of the Christmas tree the day of Christmas his Matt 3000, a multifunction robot of which that to satisfy all your sexual needs. Not sure that the virile and powerful strokes of Matthieu will not break the pretty little ass and the good wet mouth of a Matt Kennedy at the top of his art in a role of dominant passive breathtaking.