Active DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive Duty


Studio: Ridley Dovarez
Production year: 2021
Duration 94 min.
Directed by : RIDLEY DOVAREZ
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The webcam show market arouses all envy on the French Riviera and Thiago does not at all want to share the cake with Eden, his new rival.

Against the backdrop of a trade war, low blows fuse and especially the blows of cocks. Helped by Xavier, his right arm, whose ass he easily dismounts in the middle of nature, Thiago kisses anything that moves, starting with his cable repairer. But the competition is watching and Eden with big bucks will debauchery and afford the services and abuse of the star models of Thiago, including the dark John.

The latter uses his big juicy cock to satisfy his needs. A final duel between Thiago and Eden will give the name of the champion of the fuck and of the one who will win the PlanCam Generation market.