Active DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive DutyActive Duty


Studio: Ridley Dovarez
Production year: 2018
Duration 81 min.
Directed by : RIDLEY DOVAREZ
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Raziel (Nils Angelson) is a fallen angel who enjoys the pleasures of his earthly life and the fresh, bubbly ass of young Nicol'ass, who greedily sucks his angel's ass without reservation. Raziel would like to get his wings back and return to heaven. He calls upon another fallen angel, Ezequiel (Thiago Monte) who will send him young Shawn Kroner in exchange for the young Gabe offered by Raziel. While Gabe suffers the blows of Paul Burning in the waiting room of the angelic missions, he is transferred to Ezequiel for a darker and more intense session. Raziel receives on his side the key of his deliverance in the form of Shawn Kroner, a young passive subjected to his cock which after a good session of stoned will be dosed the mouth of the angelic sperm of Raziel.