Man Worship

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Man WorshipMan WorshipMan WorshipMan WorshipMan WorshipMan Worship
Studio: Jake cruise
Production year: 2017
Duration 127 min.
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"I worship the male form: their faces, lips, chests, arms, legs, feet, butts, and cocks. I’m very fortunate to have had these masculine, scruffy, beefy men to service and massage. Come watch me worship every inch of these 5 sexy hunks. Jaxton Wheeler is a Greek statue come to life. His beefy body and black beard sets him apart. Vinnie Stefano is swarthy and sexy, with ripped abs under his furry front. Roman Aleks is a muscular and fit daddy with a hairy chest and a nice dick. Tex Davidson is hung like a horse and knows how to use his huge cock. Mike Fox is a young man with tattoos and a massive rod."