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Uniform Men

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Uniform MenUniform MenUniform Men
Trailer Uniform MenUniform MenUniform Men
Uniform MenUniform MenUniform Men
Duration 140 min.
Studio: Colt
Production year: 2012
Directed by : Kristofer Weston

Les flics se font baiser par les pompiers !

A man in uniform is like no other. Be he a fireman, a captain, an officer or a gentleman. Director Kristofer Weston brings back this classic theme by putting our Colt Men in their dress finest in Uniform Men. The Colt crew takes you behind the scenes as they never have before, giving you a close look into the making of our Colt Uniform Calendar. We let the cameras roll as these Uniform Men indulged in their fantasies, and each other. The results speak for themselves

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